Okay, so this is my first weekend post which is not supposed to be a weekend in India. My college doesn’t have a holiday on saturdays.

So, I have decided that I am going to write about topics which are considered as a taboo in India. A lot of people think that introvert people are those who are rude and can’t appreciate others. But that’s absolutely wrong. Even I am an introvert and people kind of don’t talk to me. But actually the case is, we don’t know how to approach people, what to talk , how to talk, what to start with, what should be our reactions when they say something.

I think now it is the right time that people should understand that we live in our own bubble and it is nothing to do with them. If they can initiate the talk they’ll realise that we are the most sweetest person to share thoughts.

My first

Okay, so here it is my first blog. This had been a drean about a year now. So, let me introduce myself first. I am Hanisha Mohinani and I am in first year of engineering. *and it already sucks* I am pretty exicited about my new venture and looking forward to it.